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Essential Tools when Starting leatherwork

For Stitching Firm leather.

If you have never stitched leather before we recommend the following tools.
They are suitable for 5 to 7 stitches per 25mm (1") in firm leather.

57mm Harness Awl, Mounted & Sharpened.
Harness Needles size Large (1/0).
18/3 Linen Thread - Colour to suit.

NOTE: OurLeatherworking Starter Kits contain these basic tools plus printed stitching instructions.

For Stitching Soft or thin leather.

50mm Stabbing Awl and Haft.
Instead of a harness awl. This prevents the leather from tearing under tension.
Everything else as above.

For Cutting.

If you are only making straight cuts then a sturdy craft knife and steel rule will suffice.
For curved cuts professionals use a;Clicking Knife Handle with Curved Blade.

For Finishing the stitches and edges of the work.

Edge finishing tool.
For flattening stitches, folding seams and burnishing egdes.
No.2 Edge Shave.
This chamfers an edge prior to polishing.
Gum Tragacanth.
For a naturally coloured polished edge.
Edge Kote.
For a black or brown polished edge.
Wool Daubers.
For applying edge compounds. They make the job much quicker and easier , but a normal brush can be used.