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Locking your thread onto a needle.

Applying wax to a linen thread
Fig.1 - Applying wax to a linen thread.
Wax the thread by pulling it quickly across a block of beeswax.
Do not apply too much, the thread should be stiffened but not encrusted.
Ensure the ends are waxed well. See Fig.1.
Thread through the eye and over the point
Fig.2 - Thread through the eye and over the point.
Take your waxed thread with its tapered end and pass it through the eye of your needle.
Pull enough through to double it over and pass the point of the needle through the middle of the thread.
The piercing in Fig. 2 has been exaggerated for clarity.
Slide the loop down the needle onto the thread
Fig.3 - Slide the loop down the needle onto the thread.
Gripping the pointed end of the needle with one hand, slide the pierced thread along the shaft towards the eye with the other.
The pierced thread should be pulled completely off the needle and onto the main thread.
The finished item
Fig.4 - The finished item.
Pull the thread tight and flatten the knot out between thumb and forefinger so that it does not snag when stitching - the wax will help here.
Do not leave too big a loop through the eye; it just increases drag when you pull it through the leather.

You are now ready to start stitching.

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